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Themed Team Portraits

Are you tired of the same old team portraits taken on the soccer field in front of the goal, or the baseball team shot in front of a fabric background? Themed team portraits are a blast!  The kids really get into these and it brings out their individual personalities.  I'll work with you to provide you with a custom team portrait, one you will want to display at every game.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO

Themed team portrait photography Virginia Beach - because standard is boring.
Action concept sports photograhpy in Virginia Beach
Concept Portraits

Concept portraiture is imagery that conveys a feeling, mood, story, or a particular trait or set of traits.  It takes portraiture to the next level both in creativity and complexity.  What is it that you want your viewer to extract from your image?  What are you trying to illustrate?  The setting, lighting, props, photography technique, and post-processing all combine to ceate a visually compelling image - a work of art.  Do you have an idea?  I'd love to hear it.  Check out how the image to the left <--- was made.  View Water Shoot BTS


BFF Silhouettes

Photobooth photos are all the rage but BFF Silhouettes take it a step further. It's a piece of art your child and their friends can create together. Choose a name, a word, or an action shot. BFF Silhouettes make the perfect thank you gift for your party guests or a special family member. Have you ever even heard of these?  These are easy and unique.  Give one to a grandparent of all their grandchildren. Give one to a coach or teacher.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO

group silhouette with BFFs

You're ready to try something new but need more information


BTS gymnastics water shoot

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