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You need a professional photographer.  And that's me! One who has experience not only in portraiture but experience in today's digital age.  Anyone can buy the latest Canon with a gazillion megapixels.  But do they know how to use it?  Do they know how to process .CR2 raw files and pull the best color, tone, and contrast out of their photos?  Do they use Photoshop and only Photoshop? They shouldn't be.  Do they know how to use natural light and supplement it with off-camera flash or a reflector?  You don't have to ask or understand all of these questions.  But it's your time and money and it's an investment.  Take a look through my site.  All images were created by me personally with the exception of the photo on the <<----  left or ^^ above, if you're on your phone.  I create portraits, some in studio and most outdoors in the beautiful light nature provides.  And I've been doing this for nearly 20 years since I left U.S. Navy active duty and had children of my own -- son, 22!!  and daughter, 18!  Where has the time gone?!

My experience ranges from weddings, corporate events, to commercial and commissioned work but my favorite, absolute fave, is senior portraiture.  Why?  Because it's an incredible milestone in your child's life.  I will photograph a senior and when we first begin, 9 times out of 10, they are still the shy self-conscious young teenager that they truly are and by the end of the session, their bold ready-to-take-on-the-world attitude and confidence that's necessary to leave their homes to forge a path for their future emerges.  Let's work together!  I'll help you make the time and it'll be FUN.  Set up your free consult  NOW before your son is taller than you and your daughter starts driving the family car!  It goes by all too quickly!  CLICK FOR YOUR FREE CONSULT




My ultimate reward - numerous fine art portraits

displayed in family homes

2017 - Top 9 out 114 Family Portrait Photographers,

2016 Finalist Best of Photography Annual

2013 Finalist Best of Photography Annual

2013 Alt Hotel Halifax Murals - 8 images selected

2012 Finalist, Best of Photography Annual.

2011 Winner, Photobook Cali

2011 Image Selected for Shoot For Good Exhibit

2010 Finalist, Best of Photography Annual

2007 Finalist, Best of Photography Annual

2006 Finalist, Best of Photography Annual




Located in Virginia Beach, VA

photos (at) graceprotzman (dot) com

Tel: 757-469-5198


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